Onegai Teacher - 3: Mazui yo Sensei

Title:Onegai Teacher
Episode:3: Mazui yo Sensei
(Maybe We Shouldn't, Sensei)

Kei and Mizuho are going to have a small but official wedding now that they've done the paperwork. Not only that, but Kei's uncle forces Kei to move in with his new wife -- something he hadn't expected when he agreed to marry Mizuho. They have an official (but VERY small) wedding in Mizuho's condo complete with her wearing a lovely white wedding dress. Unfortunately, the fun is interupted by Mizuho's students (and Kei's friends) stopping by. Since their relationship must remain a secret, this causes poor Kei to nearly kill himself trying to stay out of the sights of his VERY inquisitive classmates. Not a good start to a marriage.
(AstroNerdBoy -- 03/08/2003)

This episode started the series into a more realistic area. Having established that this high school kid (though 18 in age is still 15 mentally) and his teacher are secretly husband and wife, I found it interesting that Kei was shocked that he'd actually have to live with his teacher. He'd agreed to marry her, but that was to protect her. Despite the fact that she's a hottie, he had no thoughts that his marriage would result in his living with her. So that came off as very believable.

The humor elements of this tale mainly resulted from Kei's attempts to hide from his classmates as they visited their new teacher.
[2007-09-29, Devil Doll:]
Why didn't the school director check the date of the marriage document? (And by the way, how did Mizuho get her appointment as teacher in the first place?) Why didn't the uncle understand that a visit from Kei's friends would be much more likely than a visit from the school director (who already accepted the relation between Kei and Mizuho)? This series is creating ever new problems based on idiotic decisions and lies of too many characters.

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