Onegai Teacher - 10: Demo

Title:Onegai Teacher
Episode:10: Demo

Koishi is surprised that Kei is suddenly turning his attentions to her. She accepts his affections and comes to the mistaken assumption that Ichigo was the girl Kei had liked. Meanwhile Mizuho is suffering at the departure of Kei who has moved back in with his aunt and uncle.
(AstroNerdBoy 03/08/2003)

This was a painful episode. I felt badly for Mizuho since in the previous episode, it appeared that her relationship with Kei had hit the next level. Kei feels he is doing the right thing by dating Koishi since he feels that will help Ichigo and her problems. It just goes to prove that growing up isn't done in a day (or in an episode).
[2007-09-30, Devil Doll:]
Well, it was obvious that Kei's decision was wrong after he told Ichigo to move on by herself already. And finally he had to pay the price for one of his oh so many lies in this story. The only weak aspect of this powerful episode was then ending - why the heck does his illness have to kick in when things are about to get interesting? Two episodes to go.

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