Rupan Sansei - 4: One Chance to Breakout

Title:Rupan Sansei
Episode:4: One Chance to Breakout
Japanese title: Datsugoku no Chance wa Ichido

Fujiko, Jigen, and Lupin are all about to make a huge score with this large treasure chest Lupin has uncovered when he finds himself shot (with a tranq) and the prisoner of Inspector Zenigata. Lupin attempts to use his trademark methods of escape and causes no end of grief for Zenigata and his men. No matter what, it appears that Lupin can not escape.

Meanwhile, Jigen sets up "camp" outside the prison to keep Fujiko from busting Lupin out. See, they can't split the treasure until Lupin opens it (why they couldn't open it, I don't recall), so she's VERY eager to get her share. Still, no matter what she tries to do, Jigen stops her and tells her that Lupin can escape anytime he wants to.

A year passes and Lupin has been scheduled for execution. How IS he going to escape like we know he will?
Of the first four episodes, this one is my favorite. Not only do we have good humor watching Fujiko's many attempts to spring Lupin from jail, we also get some character development.

Zenigata is depressed that his life's pursuit will be coming to an end, but nervous that Lupin may yet escape. This shows that him not to be just a bumbling idiot that he sometimes comes across as.

Fujiko from day one has been in this from herself. Her reasons for busting Lupin out are simple -- the treasure. However, as time goes on and it is close to time for Lupin to die, she begins to feel saddness, not over the treasure, but the loss of a fellow thief whom she admires and loves. Nicely done all around.

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