Rupan Sansei - 1: Is Lupin Burning...?

Title:Rupan Sansei
Episode:1: Is Lupin Burning...?
Lupin is a Formula-1 racecar driver on the newly opened Hida Speedway. Lupin knows the is a trap set by the Scorpion Gang to kill him. So with Jigen watching his back, Lupin sets out to free the kidnapped Fujiko, keep the Scorpions from killing him, and prevent Inspector Zenigata from capturing him!
I'd seen a couple of the TV episodes from the 2nd season that Miyazaki Hayao wrote and directed. So it was a shock seeing this old Lupin! Be warned, there is a lot of killing that goes on and Fujiko is forced to lose her top. The animation is very old, so don't expect much there.

A couple of items of note. First, there is no Goemon in this episode. Second, Inspector Zenigata is quite the good speed racer as is Lupin since both entered the race. I found this to be an interesting piece of Zenigata's character which I've not seen in other movies.

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