Fruits Basket - 0: Intro

Title:Fruits Basket
Episode:0: Intro
Ggultra2764- 2/8/2008

Since I haven't seen anyone put up episode summaries of Fruits Basket, I've decided to take the opportunity to put up summaries and my own commentary on each episode. I have the entire series on DVD and the first eight manga volumes in which the anime is based on so I have plenty of resources to rely upon to provide my own two cents with events in Fruits Basket. I will give details such as differences between the manga and anime for each episode (just to give anime watching fans a taste of what was lost from the manga to anime transition), my opinion on that particular episode, and how well the English dub cast and scripts were handled in those episodes.

Be aware as well that the original airings of Fruits Basket had no episode titles. So the ones that I'm using for these summaries are taken off Funimation's titles.

And just as a treat, here are some shots from the opening sequence of Fruits Basket.

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