Summertime Rendering - 17: Decision

Title:Summertime Rendering
Episode:17: Decision
Ushio asks Hizuru what she thinks caused Haine to go from the nice girl she was 14 years ago to who she is today. Hizuru doesn't know but regrets her own curiousity back then. Ushio thinks her own body was born from Haine. She says at the moment Ryuunosuke was killed she was born from a section of Haine that split off. Ushio fears she may go insane someday just like Haine apparently has. Hizuru promises to kill her if that happens. Meanwhile, Mio and Shadow Mio are talking. Shadow Mio feels how Mio hates herself for not being as attractive as Ushio. "You're Sis' real Shadow" she remarks. She advises Mio to tell Shin how she feels about him--and says if she won't she will. Dr. Hishigata reveals to Sou that the family has been involved with Shadows for 300 years; but only one member of each generation does so. Tokiko says that once those sacrificed at the revival ritual become Shadows they lose their memory of having been killed. She advises Shin to get some sleep since he has been continually awake throughout numerous loops. Shin agrees and goes to sleep at the clinic. Nezu tries to slip away alone but is caught by Ushio. He wants to go home for some reason and Ushio will only allow it if she accompanies him. At his home she finds the Shadow of his wife 'nailed' in place. He says two months ago she came home as a Shadow and tried to copy him but couldn't since he has immunity. Nevertheless, for some reason he vividly remembered the day Ryuunosuke was killed 14 years ago. He immobilized her but couldn't bring himself to kill her. But she goes into a seizure-like state and Ushio believes Haine is trying to take control of her. Despite Ushio's offer to try to block this from happening, Nezu executes her, saying that he'll be joining her soon. Meanwhile Shibe turns nurse Negoro into a black slime after she bandages his wounds. Shin wakes up with a headache but is relieved to have put some distance between the present and the 'Edge' (the moment at which he will revive in the next loop). He's also relieved that everyone has made it to the morning of the 23rd safely. Shin's idea is to conduct a 'hunt' to thin the number of Shadows before the big battle tomorrow. 'Team Nagumo'--Hizuru, Nezu, Tokiko and Tetsu--will go looking for the Shadow that Hizuru spotted at the funeral. 'Team Ushio'--Ushio, Shin, Mio, Shadow Mio and Sou--will investigate the Hitobuchi family. Shin and Ushio go out alone after Mio gives Ushio some strands of hair from her original body, which she is delighted to scan. Mio tells Shin she has something to talk to him about afterwards. Shin and Ushio find that all of the Hitobuchis have been erased. Their old teacher, 'Bucchi', was a family member. They procede to Mt. Takanosu and Ushio senses that they are nearing more Shadows. They find Shadow Bucchi and two Shadow children threatening three human children, and kill all three Shadows. They let the kids in on the basics of the battle against the Shadows in exchange for a pledge to keep it secret. Ushio spots fresh blood and scans it. She concludes it belonged to a 34 year old woman who was not an islander. Shin figures Haine devoured this person to help heal her wounds. But Ushio, in a sort of a daze, declares that Haine will never heal by eating others. She also says Haine and Shiori Kobayakawa 'no longer exist' because their original bodies are gone. Afterwards, she can't remember why she said this. Team Nagumo has had little success. Totsumura found that the houses of persons whose Shadows were killed at the school are now empty and the neighbors had been told that the occupants were going away on trips. Hizuru suspects these excuses are meant to ensure that the festival goes off without a hitch tomorrow. The Shadows seem to be concentrating on the festival and leaving Shin and his companions alone for now. Shin decides to try to convince priest Karakiri to cancel the festival.
How could Ushio's (Shadow) body have possibly been formed 14 years ago? Her human body would have been little more than a toddler. Did I get something wrong? Was this a precursor that would not take on Ushio's form until much more recently? Anyway, going on these little 'hunts' for a handful of Shadows didn't strike me as a wise use of the precious time that remained. Have Shin and the others already come up with a plan to disrupt the revival ritual at the festival? The key is to take out Haine and Shibe, not a few more ordinary Shadows. they could take the war to the Shadows by venturing into the cavern underneath the island and try to kill the weak form of Haine that resides there.

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