Summertime Rendering - 08: Memento

Title:Summertime Rendering
Episode:08: Memento
Shin is shocked to see Ushio (in the usual swimsuit) within the Kofune residence. Last time she did not appear until the 24th. And she knows that 'something terrible' is going to happen on that date. She has clearly been through the Summer Festival experience, just like Shin has. She acknowledges that she's a 'monster' and thus has been keeping herself hidden from everyone. Mio, then Alan, arrive and Ushio hides from them. Shin sneaks to his room with her. He figures this is a Shadow that has somehow managed to 'loop' with him. He confirms that Ushio is indeed a Shadow. He could kill her, but she seems completely friendly, just like the original Ushio. Shin remembers how he left the Kofune family to learn a trade (cooking) because he felt he was a burden. He secretly loved Ushio but they argued and parted on unhappy terms. Ushio swears she will help Shin prevent another Festival apocalypse. Shin asks her if she can copy humans; apparently not. Meanwhile, Nezu and Ryuunosuke lay in wait for Mio's Shadow. Inside, somehow Ushio's swimsuit vanishes; Shin gives her some clothing. A Shadow in non-human form creeps into the house. What seems to be Mio enters the room with Shin and Ushio, but pulls a knife and lunges at him. Ushio blocks it and is stabbed herself. Shadow Mio asks why 'Sis' has sided with a human that helped kill a fellow Shadow (Shiori). Ushio says it was because she loves him. Shadow Mio seems to have the upper hand but Nezu shoots it through the window and Shin stabs its shadow. Before dying it confesses that it, too, loves Shin--no doubt an emotion it copied from the real Mio. Ryuunosuke enters and wants to finish off the gravely injured Ushio, but she and Shin persuade him to spare it. Nagumo replaces Ryuunosuke and reveals it was a message from Ushio that persuaded her to come back to the island. She replays it--in it, Ushio predicts the massacre at the Festival and says only Shin would be able to prevent it. But Ushio doesn't recall sending it--no doubt she hasn't done so yet. Nezu wonders why Mio's Shadow acted in a different manner than in the incident in the 2nd loop. Nagumo performs a sort of Shadow first aid which leaves Ushio missing her right arm but otherwise feeling fine. Shin reasons that Mio's Shadow must have known that Shiori's had been killed, even though as far as they know it hadn't been present at the fight at the Kobayakawa residence--they had been 'sharing information' somehow. Nagumo says Mio's Shadow had been after her and Nezu in the previous loop. And that the Shadows must know that Shin is now working with them. So, Mio's Shadow came looking for Shin. Nagumo says she cannot continue to cooperate with Shin if he will be working with Ushio, who is a Shadow--though she acknowledges that Ushio probably bears her and Nezu no ill will. She says there's no telling when Ushio will be 'fixed'. Shin warns Nagumo that in the first loop she was killed at the shrine by Mio's Shadow; that Shadow is dead but another might substitute. Nagumo remarks that even fate can be changed. The next morning Ushio (still missing her arm) wakes up in Shin's room. He shows her the seashell pendant, hoping it will jog some memories, but it doesn't. Sou comes to the Kofune diner, and Shin takes him for a walk (with two umbrellas despite the ideal weather). At a private place Ushio shows herself to him, and once he calms down they tell him everything. Shin gives Ushio her old cell phone; the password has been changed, but she manages to unlock it using her fingerprint. Inside they find a video from the morning of the 20th, the day her original self was murdered.
Remember that comment by Shiori's Shadow that a copied person is identical and therefore just as good as the original? It no doubt meant that humans had no right to look down of the Shadow versions of people, but it could also be interpreted as saying that Shadow Ushio is of equal value and identical emotions to the original one. Except, of course, she's a Shadow that for some reason has no intention of fomenting Shadow Sickness.

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