Summertime Rendering - 04: Jamais Vu

Title:Summertime Rendering
Episode:04: Jamais Vu
Ushio, dressed in a swimsuit, insists that she is quite real. Shin thinks this must be a Shadow. She admits that she can't remember how she wound up here and concludes that she really did die and has somehow been revived. She also says her last thought before dying was that she wanted to see him again. She confesses her love for him. Shin begins to wonder if this is really a Shadow. He tries to keep her hidden from everyone else but she wanders off. Mio's Shadow spots her amid the Summer Festival. Sou confesses to Mio but gets turned down--Tokiko suspects she is already in love with someone else. Ushio appears to them wearing a cheap mask but they quickly recognize her. Mio's Shadow grabs Shin as he heads back to the group. It mentions a 'traitor' (Ushio?) and a plan that was almost complete. Shin meets a Shadow of himself as well. The Shadows have figured out that he has been resurrected; they call it 'looping'. Shin's Shadow realizes that killing him now would just cause him to reset back to July 22 with his new knowledge intact. 'Mother will be waking up soon' Shadow Mio says. Shin is helpless and being tortured by Shadow Mio until the glasses wearing woman shoots her with a shotgun.
Maybe Ushio was revived in more or less the same manner as Shin has been. Or maybe she's a Shadow but one without any murderous intentions.

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