Summertime Rendering - 03: Drifting Ashore

Title:Summertime Rendering
Episode:03: Drifting Ashore
Mio urges that they go warn Shiori Kobayakawa about the Shadows. Shin insists that he go alone. A neighbor, Shiomi, lets him into their apartment. He finds signs that Shiori's parents have been vaporized, then meets her Shadow. He is saved from being killed himself when Shiomi comes along. Shin concludes that he is already a victim of Shadow Sickness and has been for a good while. Shin decides to look for the woman wearing glasses, but has little luck. Tetsu gives him Ushio's cellphone--he says she gave it to him the day before her death and asked him to pass it on to Shin if anything happened to her. Sou is easily convinced that Ushio was killed by Shiori's Shadow. Sou and Mio want to go to the Hiruko shrine to learn more about Shadow Sickness from head priest Karahiri. Given what happened to him on his first visit there, Shin delays the trip to the day of the Summer Festival, when the shrine will be crowded and perhaps Shadows will choose not to strike. Mio gives Shin a seashell necklace that Ushio was wearing when she died. Sou offers to protect Mio if Shin feels he can't--Sou may be in love with her. At the festival with Mio, Sou and Tokiko (Sou's sister) Shin thinks he sees Ushio somehow alive and well. He follows this person to the beach.
When Shin insisted that he go alone to warn Shiori, the thought Uh Oh! crossed my mind and I was sure he'd wind up dead yet again, but that didn't happen. In fact, he says "I'm fed up with being killed!". Could only he see the body shaped scorch marks? I didn't get the bit where the thought occurs to Shin that maybe he has had Shadow Sickness for a good while--maybe all along. What made him think that? Shadows don't like taking on more than one opponent, apparently, even if one is a middle aged woman with no idea what is going on. Still, this remains a neat show which is better than most anime.

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