Summertime Rendering - 02: Shadow

Title:Summertime Rendering
Episode:02: Shadow
Back aboard the ferry on July 22nd, Shin has a different dream (but ends up in the same situation with the woman wearing glasses). He vaguely recalls seeing her wounded by a bullet. Shin wonders if the first experience was all a dream, brought on by a creepy book he read recently. Once ashore Mio arrives in the same way as before (below). But Shin notices that the brake cable of her bike seems to have been cut. He wonders if Shadows might really exist. That night he happens to see Mio standing outside the house. But when policeman Totsumura Tetsu comes along, Mio draws a knife and stabs him dead. She--actually, her Shadow--then creates an exact duplicate of him and vaporizes his body. Shin's cellphone rings at just the wrong time, alerting them and the Shadow kills him as well. While in a dreamlike, transformational state he encounters Ushio who once again asks him to protect Mio. Once again he finds himself back on the ferry that morning. The glasses woman is monitoring Ushio's funeral and seems to think Shiori is a Shadow. Shin notices that his two eyes have different colors, which is new. Shin sets up his cellphone to record Mio's Shadow watching the house, and uses the recording to convince Mio. Mio wonders if Ushio was killed by a Shadow.
Shadows aren't exactly Ninjas, it would appear, since disabling the brakes of a bike would be unlikely to result in a fatal injury. The content of this show is so dense--that is, it is moving so rapidly--that I wonder if this mystery can really be kept going for two seasons. I hope we don't wind up with countless slightly different replays of July 22nd. I see this show could not resist the temptation to insert some fan service now and then.

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