Summertime Rendering - 01: So Long, Summer Days

Title:Summertime Rendering
Episode:01: So Long, Summer Days
Shinpei ('Shin') is returning to Hitogashima island for the first time in two years. He's coming for the funeral of Ushio Kofune, a girl whose family adopted him after his own parents died. While on the ferry to the island he has a strange dream in which Ushio appears and urges him 'don't forget to find me' and 'take care of Mio' (her younger sister). The dream is so realistic that he winds up inadvertantly groping a strange, glasses-wearing woman. Mio greets Shin at the island. The official explanation is that Ushio drowned while saving a small girl, Shiori Kobayakawa, from the same. But Shin's friend, Sou, says that when his father performed a cursory autopsy, he found signs that she may have been strangled. Shiori has supposedly been in a state of shock, unable to talk, since the incident. But it is claimed that what really shocked her was seeing another girl who looked just like herself. Totsumura Tetsu, the island's only policeman, says the Kobayakawas have all vanished. Nezu, a hunter, has an explaination: he ascribes this to 'Shadow Sickness', a condition endemic to Hitogashima. According to him, if you see your double--your 'Shadow'--you and everyone else in your immediate family will soon be killed by it. Shin and Mio go to the Hiruko, a shrine, where they hear a gunshot. They find the woman Shin accidentally groped on the ferry, wounded, and Mio's Shadow. The Shadow shoots and kills all three of them. By all rights, Shin should be dead, but somehow time resets and he finds himself back on the ferry with the strange woman.
This seems like a neat show, one with a complex plot that would be worth keeping close track of, so I am compiling a summary of events to date.

Below: Ushio Kofune

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