Ai Yori Aoshi - 8: Fondness

Title:Ai Yori Aoshi
Episode:8: Fondness
Tina decides to buy a ferret much to the chagrin of Miyabi. Since pets make messes, Miyabi says she doesn't want to make more work for Taeko. However, Aoi sees the animal and goes, "KAWAII" [image1] which ends Miyabi's argument.
The ferret escapes confinement and heads straight for Miyabi, stealing her favorite pen [image2]. This causes her to chase the animal all through the house. Finally, Miyabi locks herself into her study [image3] and refuses to answer anyone [image4]. The ferret encamps outside of her door and then tries to get in by climbing up a grandfather clock [image5] to go into a small open window above the door. Unfortunately, the animal falls and gets stuck behind the clock. Miyabi aides the others in rescuing the poor animal [image6] and the ferret gets a name.
(AstroNerdBoy 03/09/2003)
This was an episode to show that Miyabi has a soft side in addition to her strict hard side. It is an enjoyable episode, though the romance between Aoi and Kaoru is all but forgotten.
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(2004-02-27, Devil Doll:)
Uzume's arrival at the western style house causes a lot of trouble and certain 'funny' scenes, crawling through various girls' underwear.
But the focus of this episode is Miyabi changing her attitude towards that little ferret from strict rejection to ignorance, then isolation after feeling offended, and even saving the pet's life in the end.
And what a cute scene when Aoi feeds Uzume like a baby and Kaoru starts to fantasize...

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