Ai Yori Aoshi - 7: Illusionary Ghost

Title:Ai Yori Aoshi
Episode:7: Illusionary Ghost
Aoi sees a brochure about a hot spring and she imagines taking a trip there with Kaoru. Meanwhile the photo club decides to take a trip to that very same hot spring and they insist that Aoi come along. Miyabi can't make it, but she ensures to impress upon Kaoru how is life will be if something happens to Aoi [image1]!
Taeko has made reservations for a hotel but gets the group lost trying to find it. When they finally do arrive [image2], she's made reservations not for that day but a year from that day! The hotel is packed and there is no room. However, Aoi whips out a company card [image3] and suddenly the hotel scrambles to get them a room at any cost!
The photo club initiates new members by forcing them to take a picture of a ghost, as the highlight of their traditional spring trip party [image4]. Taeko being the new member is happy to oblige much to the shock of everyone else. However, when she doesn't return for a while, Kaoru and Aoi get concerned and set out to find her [image5] through the scary woods and to the haunted shrine. They find her well, but since a dense fog has settled, they end up spending the night in the shrine [image6].
(AstroNerdBoy 03/09/2003)
Finally, we have a return to the romance between Aoi and Kaoru. The trip gives them time to talk and learn a little more about each other. Very sweet and very enjoyable.
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(2004-02-27, Devil Doll:)
Like in the previous episode, Aoi continues to be the guardian for Taeko; this time she even tells her that thinking about "that person" gives her the motivation to work hard and get over everything. And it is Aoi who worries first about Taeko getting lost in the night, although Kaoru is starting the "rescue operation".
Throughout the series Aoi and Kaoru are longing for these moments when they can be together alone; this time they had several hours for themselves, which will remain a rare opportunity. When Aoi is shaking with fear we finally see the first shy kiss of our couple. And Kaoru learns how much Aoi can force herself if it's about being together with him.

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