Ai Yori Aoshi - 5: Friend

Title:Ai Yori Aoshi
Episode:5: Friend
At school, Kaoru meets up with his two male friends who run the photo club he belongs to. They have a new female member (making their total membership four) -- the naive, big breasted girl named Taeko [image1]. Later, a former member of the club named Tina [image2] shows up having just returned from a trip around the world. She's an American and loves to party, so she get's the club to have an impromptu party. She has some sort of bottle of liquor which everyone is suspicious of. However, Taeko drains a glass and to the dismay of Tina, nothing happens. Kaoru decides to try a sip [image3] and immediately is out cold. He awakens in his bed with Aoi coming by to see him that morning and both are very surprised to see Tina in his futon [image4]!
(AstroNerdBoy 03/09/2003)
OK, the comedic elements were brought into full scope in this episode as was the gratuitous fan service. Tina goes around grabbing other women's breast and making comments about them. It was very annoying. How the arrival of Tina and Taeko will affect Aoi and Kaoru's relationship remains to be seen, especially that Tina managed to get a room at the house to live in.
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(2004-02-26, Devil Doll:)
An episode of excessive use of alcohol, and four new characters enter the stage: The (in)famous photo club. Suzuki (the railroad freak) and Sato (the cos-play freak) are just boring guys; Minazuki Taeko (the living proof of Murphy's Law) will be good for a quick laugh now and then. But despite her strange passion of breast fondling, Tina Foster [image5] has an interesting start, sleeping in Kaoru's bed right on the first night after her return, and then even moving in next to him... Aoi [image6] is worried for sure, and more so when she learns how many things Tina knows about Kaoru.
Despite Tina's behaviour, Miyabi-san might even be happy to have one more inhabitant for their little charade in the western style house.

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