Ai Yori Aoshi - 14: Meals

Title:Ai Yori Aoshi
Episode:14: Meals
At university, Mayu mocks about the Japanese education system. But when she sees Kaoru she forgets about everything and 'tackles' the boy, only to be dragged away by Tina. When they all eat their lunch boxes [image1] Mayu isn't too successful by bragging about the gourmet lunch she could invite Kaoru to. And when Tina teases Mayu telling her that Kaoru likes girls who can cook and do housework Mayu asks Kaoru may she cook an o-bento for him tomorrow.
But cooking [image2] turns out to be more difficult than Mayu had expected, as she even fails to handle the microwave oven. Now she remembers that Aoi's cooking had been praised by everyone - so that's where she is going to learn it! Meanwhile at university where Mayu didn't show up Kaoru worries whether the girl is okay...
When the students arrive at home they are presented a new housemaid [image3]: Mayu, who considers Aoi to be the maid of Kaoru and addresses her this way in front of everyone! Miyabi asks Aoi to bear this insult because she must keep their arrangement a secret, and she scolds Kaoru for promising to eat Mayu's lunch packet. But Aoi says she will be okay.
Mayu isn't too good as housemaid, but guided by Aoi she feels good after having completed a lot of laundry [image4]. But when Kaoru calls Aoi for tea time she has to endure that Mayu tells Kaoru "when I become your wife..." - and just moments later Aoi learns from Taeko that Mayu was the girl who kissed Kaoru before!
Mayu still doesn't understand that Kaoru isn't the wealthy "Hanabishi-sama" she knew as a child any more. And when cooking dinner she continues to insult Aoi... even Taeko starts to defend Aoi against that brat now. And Aoi has become so confused that she messes up the dinner for the first time ever.
But when the burnt dinner is served and Mayu mocks about it, Kaoru defends Aoi, eats his meal anyway [image5] and even praises it! At last, Mayu recognizes that everyone is on Aoi's side and that she said too much.
After Mayu has left, Miyabi understands what is needed most now - and sends Kaoru to Aoi's room... [image6]
(2004-03-02, Devil Doll:)
Only two episodes have passed since Aoi worried because Kaoru spent the night at Mayu's place - and now Mayu wants Aoi (of all people!) to teach her how to cook and do housework and names her a maid! This episode alone could be enough to hate stupid Mayu who simply doesn't get anything.
The third episode in a row to put Aoi's strength to the test: Aoi-chan has to endure a lot of pain this time and can barely stand it. But she is able to keep a smiling face towards Mayu all the time - a great Japanese virtue in this kind of situation! She has proven more than worthy as fiancé for Kaoru today.
In the end Miyabi seems to take a part of the blame on herself (after all it was her who make Aoi keep the arrangement a secret) and allows Kaoru to visit Aoi's room late at night for the first time. She'll be listening for sure what the lovebirds are doing... yet, her attitude towards Kaoru has changed quite a bit since episode 3.

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