Ai Yori Aoshi - 11: Child

Title:Ai Yori Aoshi
Episode:11: Child
The photo club puts on a show with Tina and Taeko wearing outfits to draw attention [image1]. To this event comes Mayu -- a girl who's been living in England and has returned to go to this college at 16. Seeing Kaoru, her mood improves and she flings herself at him and kisses him on the lips [image2]. Tina and Taeko are stunned by this [image3]. Mayu, who comes from a wealthy family, convinces Kaoru to come to her house for dinner [image4]. Kaoru informs Aoi of this though he neglects to tell Aoi that his friend is a female. Then Mayu convinces Kaoru to spend the night at her house since she's there alone. Again, Kaoru calls but doesn't let Aoi know that his friend is female. However, when Taeko lets it slip that she was surprised Kaoru's friend would kiss him like that and that the friend was female, Aoi is suddenly worried [image5].
(AstroNerdBoy -- 03/14/2003)
What would a harem series be without more women to throw into the mix? Mayu is the anti-Aoi for sure.
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(2004-02-28, Devil Doll:)
Unfortunately, the storyline will only work in a language where the word for "friend" allows for an ambiguity of gender (i. e. not my native language, for example - this episode can't probably be translated to it).
Kaoru's biggest fault is that he can't just say "no" at the right moment. But maybe this is what some girls like about him...
Just two episodes after Tina's day with Kaoru another girl from Kaoru's past appears and even steals a kiss from the boy... the scene where Tina imagines doing the same thing is just great. That spoiled brat Mayu is one character of this series (besides the photo club boys) I can't find anything likeable about (very similar to Shibahime Tsubasa from Kareshi Kanojo no Jijoo). And how foreshadowing her first meeting with Tina is... Mayu makes Tina instantly jealous and aware of her own shyness towards Kaoru. This is going to be a cool competition, and even more funny as none of them will notice the role of Aoi...
Watching Aoi worried after she learned that Kaoru stays the night with a girl who kissed him is another great scene: This is the first time for Aoi to think about a competitor. And what a nice cliffhanger at the end of this story when Mayu wants Kaoru to stay with her tonight... [image6]

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