Ai Yori Aoshi - 10: School

Title:Ai Yori Aoshi
Episode:10: School
Tina and Kaoru show the group pictures they had taken a year prior before Tina's trip. Aoi sees a picture of Kaoru standing next to the statue of his college's founder [image1]. Since the only picture she has of him is from their childhood, she asks if she can have that photo.
The next day when Aoi is cleaning Kaoru's room (and lying on his futon [image2]), she finds herself dreaming of Kaoru and his life at school - a Kaoru she doesn't know.
Watching TV, Aoi suddenly learns that the mysteriously moving Mitsurugiya shop (where you can purchase their legendary taiyaki - pancakes filled with bean paste - which Tina had praised before and Kaoru said he wanted to eat at least once) happens to be in the neighborhood today. Since the vendor will be shutting down in an hour, Aoi decides to go over, buy some of this [image3], and take it to the university for Kaoru: taiyaki are best to be eaten while still warm.
Aoi wanders around the campus [image4] and gets lost - and the photo club members think she's a model for a TV shooting. Tina and Taeko are unable to get Aoi's attention nor get to her, so they head off to find Kaoru. He has Tina and Taeko go to class while he continues to search for Aoi. Eventually he meets her at the only place she knew - the statue where he had his picture taken! Together they eat the taiyaki [image5], and Kaoru (who has the afternoon free) is happy to give her a tour of the campus [image6]. Outside the campus they meet Tina and Taeko, and the group goes out to eat (as Aoi has forgotten to buy ingredients for dinner).
(AstroNerdBoy 03/09/2003)
This was another pretty good episode since the romance between Aoi and Kaoru was picked up again. Aoi is just so darned sweet that it makes your heart ache at times. This may only be an anime title, but the relationship romance between Aoi and Kaoru has tied Belldandy and Keiichi's (Oh My Goddess) and even passed them because Aoi isn't a goddess. :-)
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(2004-02-27, Devil Doll:)
An episode featuring Aoi must always be lovely. While the 'landlady' is the champion of everything in the household, she is rather helpless when entering unknown territory, which certainly adds to her cuteness - just like her spontaneous decision to go on this kind of adventure.
And I believe Kaoru finds Aoi not by chance but by remembering the photograph - he can already read the mind of his beloved girl well enough to know where she would go in such a case.
Although it feeds the clich? of a narrow-minded house wife, I had a good laugh in the scene where Aoi and (especially) Miyabi watched the soap opera on TV, taking this show dead serious.
The taiyaki seems to be popular in anime - you may want to ask a certain Tsukimiya Ayu from Kanon for more details... and how thoughtful of Kaoru to pick the smaller part of the Taiyaki for himself!

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