Tenchi Muyou! GXP - 20: The Ship That Brings Luck

Title:Tenchi Muyou! GXP
Episode:20: The Ship That Brings Luck
The Good Luck pirate fleet threatens to shut down space transport altogether. As an unorthodox countermeasure, Princess Seto approaches Kiriko and asks her to take part in a "tree selection ceremony"--essentially, a marriage-like arrangement to become a partner of a Royal Tree which has a will of it's own. Meanwhile, Seiryo is reminded that his ship needs a formal name--but all the good ones have already been taken! There is one name left which has luck connotations: "Unko", or, "Luck Bringer" (it also has a second meaning, though...).
This show is so off-the-wall that I don't really expect the plot to make much sense, yet I'm surprised how well it flows, with each event leading in a believable manner to the next one. The dubbed version of this episode didn't even try to explain the "Unko" joke.

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