Tenchi Muyou! GXP - 17: Seina and Tenchi

Title:Tenchi Muyou! GXP
Episode:17: Seina and Tenchi
Seina and the girls have taken leave and come to Earth for R&R. While here, Seina desides to pay the Masaki clan a visit. He meets Tenchi and Ryo-Ohki (in her little girl form) along the way. They decide to race back to Tenchi's home and while on foot, Tenchi smokes Seina on his bike, even though Seina is going much faster than a normal human could.

Once there, Seina meets Washu who also designed his cabit Fuku. She gives Seina some advice on cabits while Fuku and Ryo-Ohki (back in cabit form) play in the field. Sasami comes along looking a little older as she brings a lunch out for Ryo-Ohki and Tenchi. Then Noike, the latest lady to join the Tenchi harem, shows up for a bit.

Tenchi and Seina decide to race home and though Seina is extremely fast on his bike, Tenchi smokes him on foot and with a full load of carrots on his back! Getting home, Seina crashes into the water and lands near Funaho. Katsuhito is there and Ryoko soon teleports in. The group heads to Ryoko's cave where Seina gets an explaination of who Katsuhito really is (he reveals his true Yosho appearance) and how Yosho and Ryoko are the samurai and demon told in the shrine history. Ayeka shows up and she and Ryoko fight with Ayeka literally knocking Ryoko for a loop!

The day ends with Mihoshi crashing her ship into the lake and Tenchi having to cook another meal. Before they can eat, the GXP girls grab Seina to take care of an emergency.
(AstroNerdBoy 04/18/2003)

Since the GXP series takes place a year after OAV 3 and is considered canon for the OAV continuity, I was excited to watch this episode. While it is a "filler" episode, there were a number of things I found interesting as it relates to the Tenchi clan.

1) Tenchi has more power. This was shown in how fast he ran through the woods. In addition, Galaxy Police know that he has some strange, new power.

2) Tenchi is more confident. He didn't even blink when Ryoko popped in on his part of the bath and in fact chastised Ryoko for her behavior by comparing her to Washu.

3) The Tenchi harem is larger and there is a third Jurai tree-ship at Earth (this does not include Funaho which can no longer be a ship).

4) Tenchi hasn't made a choice. The fighting between Ryoko and Ayeka still causes him grief, especially when they fight over him.

There are other items, but I won't list them here. This is the only episode of GXP I've seen to date and it was an enjoyable one.

Stretch (11/6/04):
At long last Seina and the GXP girls meet up with Tenchi and the cast of the original series. It felt like a family reunion since nearly everyone knew at least one character from the other series. Something seemed odd about Tenchi and his clan--partly, perhaps, because the animation of the GXP series seems somewhat less detailed (if that's the right word) than the TM! OVAs. Also, were the usual voice actors playing the TM! characters? The credits were in Kanji, so I couldn't tell if, say, Ai Orikasa was among them. Maybe it was the increased self-confidence of Tenchi, which AstroNerdBoy mentioned, that I noticed. If this episode indeed takes place after the 3rd OVA, that would explain why I had no idea who this Noike girl was. Anyway, a fun episode which fans of the OVA series cannot afford to miss.

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