Kanon - 12: The Mark Of A Dream

Episode:12: The Mark Of A Dream
A desperate Yuuichi returns home this night. Instead of caring for her own grief Nayuki puts everything aside and helps [image2] in rallying all available troops to complete Ayu's search, now that they know what this girl was looking for [image3].
But just when they thought everything was settled, fate strikes again - as deadly as it did before [image4]. And this time it is more than even Nayuki can bear [image5].
(Devil Doll, 2004-01-26 - contains spoilers, though I try to not be too explicit):
Yuuichi remembers now, and the red hardband has reappeared [image1]. He had worked hard on solving all the girls' issues but facing his own problem at last makes him feel helpless. Nayuki might well have been desperate as well - but she comes for help, as she always will, whatever her reasons might have been at this moment (I don't fully trust her words at the hospital). And Yuuichi can also claim some dividends for his previous performance; it is one bright moment when the one most reluctant of helping is the one most effective during the project.
We had the illusion there were more episodes to come than problems to be solved - but now that we know about Ayu's school and hairband, the cousins have more unresolved problems than they ever dreamed of in their worst nightmares. Even Nayuki's strength is failing at last, as she is facing a similar fate as Yuuichi did back then.
Will Kaori succeed in making Yuuichi return the support Nayuki gave him so many times before? Will there be a miracle, as Ayu told Yuuichi before she vanished for the last time? And will the last wish of the doll be fulfilled? This episode is not over until the trailer is completed... [image6]

This darkest of all episodes has no place even for a single funny line of Yuuichi.
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