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Episode:11: Promise
Akiko won movie tickets in a lottery, but they are about to expire now, so she gives them to Yuuichi [image1]. As Nayuki is travelling with her track & field club, Yuuichi is clueless whom to invite - but while he still wonders, sitting on the fated bench near the railway station, Ayu walks by and is eager to watch a movie with Yuuichi-kun [image2]. And when Nayuki returns to the railway station, she happens to witness what she rather should not have seen [image3].
The next day Ayu accompanies Yuuichi on his way to school, and they agree to meet in the afternoon [image4]. And finally Ayu shows him the school she is attending [image5], a school she loves so much and where she can go and leave whenever she wants [image6].
(Devil Doll, 2004-01-26 - contains spoilers, though I try to not be too explicit):
The final set of episodes 11-13, on air as a 90 minutes triple special, is running now. So it's about time to find out what else Yuuichi has forgotten from the time seven years ago - and why.
As we had expected for quite some time, Nayuki is about to be the loser of the show; we wouldn't have needed this "Astrology-O-Matic week preview for Capricorns" with a desastrous "love line" to be convinced about that. But while she cannot bear to eat together with them, she still doesn't want to show her suffering to anyone, and even allows Ayu to use her pyjamas - more brownie points for poor Nayuki-chan...
Ayu finally told Yuuichi about the hairband (something that was obvious since episode 1 - note how Yuuichi cannot find 'his' hairband when he looks after it in his room!) and that he is important to her (something we had visual proof of today). In a standard romantic comedy everything might have been over after Yuuichi's confession - but this is not a standard romantic comedy. With the boy's memories being far from returning, Ayu's search not having been completed, the wish-granting doll only partially explained, and now the new mystery of Ayu's school, there cannot be such an easy way out for these two lovebirds. But seeing how the story repeats itself, making Yuuichi now lose even his most important girl, is a shocking end of this episode.

Yuuichi's line of the day: "It was a lot of fun - though Ayu was more fun than the movie."
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