Kanon - 1: The Girl in the Snow

Episode:1: The Girl in the Snow
As his parents travelled to Africa, 16 year old Aizawa Yuuichi has to visit his aunt Minase Akiko and his cousin Minase Nayuki [image1] (who is his age) and stay at their house for a while.
Yuuichi receives a warm welcome at the Minase family [image2]. But this red hair clip [image3] he finds in one of his bags and can't remember where it came from makes him wonder.
And when Yuuichi goes shopping into the market district he is run over by a girl [image4] who loves to eat Taiyaki...[image5] [image6]
(Devil Doll, 2004-01-17 - contains spoilers, though I try to not be too explicit):
Two of the five important girls have entered the stage: Nayuki and Tsukimiya Ayu (the "Ugu").
Things aren't going too well for Nayuki right from the start: She is two hours late at the train station, she failed to impress Yuuichi by trying to carry his bag, and then Yuuichi doesn't stay where he promised to be when they were shopping...
Yuuichi has lost all his memories about what happened seven years ago, yet some of them start to return already, shown through flashbacks that Yuuichi has when he is doing and saying the exact same things as back then. This will become crucial for this series.
And we have actually seen many more important scenes than one can understand unless having watched episode 13...

Yuiichi's line of the day: "A reunion after seven years, and all I get is a can of coffee?"
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