Musekinin Kanchou Tylor - 7: A Gentleman's Word is His Bond

Title:Musekinin Kanchou Tylor
Episode:7: A Gentleman's Word is His Bond
Yuriko has had it with the entire crew's lax attitude, and sees her chance to fix things to her liking and the regulations! Even Captain Tylor is not immune to her campaign to make the Soyokaze a first class fighting vessel! Of course, it would be a terrible thing if the Raalgon fleet (and an excellent commander) were to attack... right now!
Okay, for the first time what saves the Soyokaze from certain destruction might just have been a intentional plan on Tylor's part. Yet it's hard to believe such a totally laid-back guy would resort to trickery (namely, breaking his own promise). Perhaps it seemed justifiable since in the end nobody was seriously hurt. Sometimes when I'm watching anime I expect the plot to be more-or-less plausible (as in this case), and sometimes I just don't give a damn (generally if the show is funny enough). Perhaps the reason I expect the plot of ICT to make sense is because I don't find the quality or quantity of the jokes to be sufficient to completely suspend disbelief. I'm certainly not saying this show isn't funny, just that if you laugh more easily than I do you may not worry about the plot as much as I do. Perhaps what it all comes down to is this: do you see this as a primarily action or comedy series?

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