Musekinin Kanchou Tylor - 22: Force of One

Title:Musekinin Kanchou Tylor
Episode:22: Force of One
With Azalyn's potentially explosive situation behind them, things can return to normal... or can they? Fuji and Mifune weren't part of THAT plan, and aren't very happy about Tylor's typically unique solution. For his careful work, he's been sentenced to death by firing squad! Under arrest, it looks like this is one appointment he's likely to keep!
The plot of this episode is so completely implausible that I'm left not knowing what to think. Tylor goes fron hero (when the brass think he still has empress Azalyn as a prisoner), to traitor sentenced to death (when they learn he's released her), to a last minute reprieve--and even an incredible promotion! Since this was an unusually serious episode, what with Tylor about to be executed, I expected the plot to progress in a logical, plausible manner, but there is no way to explain the decision Admirals Fuji and Mifune (who despise Tylor) make at the end. Was the whole death sentence bit really neccessary? It seemed kind of corny, or melodramatic (if that's the right word) to me. Oh well, don't think about it too much. And the story moves on...

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