Musekinin Kanchou Tylor - 19: Sleeping Beauty

Title:Musekinin Kanchou Tylor
Episode:19: Sleeping Beauty
Although Tylor and Azalyn are now onboard the Soyokaze, all is not well. It's discovered that Tylor has some kind of implant in his brain (courtesy of the Raalgon) which must be removed! An operation must therefore be performed (which has an abysmal success rate)... with some unlikely help!
Of course the word "unlikely" could be applied to practically everything that happens in this series! Essentially, Yuriko volunteers to "mind meld" with Captain Tylor--and Azalyn insists on helping out as well. One interesting thought that is encountered within Tylor's mind is "It's easier to play the fool than risk getting tortured"--which implies that he may only be acting like an idiot to avoid getting hurt. But then it's not clear if Tylor actually employs this particular "idea" floating around within his head.

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