Musekinin Kanchou Tylor - 17: The Unjust Dessert

Title:Musekinin Kanchou Tylor
Episode:17: The Unjust Dessert
Back at base, the entire crew of the Soyokaze has been quarantined... for their own good (or so they've been told). Tylor's case is lost (they're also told) since the Raalgon don't take prisoners, but the crew will have none of that. No one, they reason, has the right to kill Tylor but them!
Tylor shows some savvy for Raalgon political intrigue, which would be evidence that he can't be a complete idiot. Did the UPSF brass really intend to somehow kill the entire Soyokaze crew, as Cryburn claims? Why? Did the crew attempt to escape in order to rescue Tylor, or to kill him themselves (not likely), or just save their own skins? Perhaps their motivation was a combination of all three.

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