Love Hina Again - 1: Kanako

Title:Love Hina Again
Episode:1: Kanako
Just when they were about to enter Toudai together, one of the legendary "Naru punches" makes Keitarou break his leg and miss several weeks of the first semester. After his leg healed he decides to leave Hinata-sou and join Seta travelling around the world and excavating. So Keitarou found something more important than his promise after all - will Naru be left alone once more? Back in Hinata-sou, Naru acts strangely and does a lot of things she could be hated for...
(2003-12-15, Devil Doll:)


This episode has way more fan-service and nudity that would be necessary to tell this kind of story. This is something you simply have to endure if you want to know how the story ends.
The first OVA episode suffers from Kanako being too hateful as well as too capable of mysterious skills; many situations can only happen because of her ability to disguise. Yet, watching her talking to Kuro and see how her targets are shifting is quite interesting. And despite her little maneuvers she is absolutely honest to Naru whom she correctly considers her main opponent.
Meanwhile, Naru is acting rather braindead during this episode, and more slapstick than Keitarou back in his worst days. Her best scene IMHO is when she tries to understand Keitarou's sister, like Keitarou tried to understand her sister Mei before... which puts her right between both frontiers of the upcoming 'war'.
Once again it is Shinobu questioning Naru's true feelings about Keitarou and even blaming her to be responsible for her beloved senpai's not returning. She is his true 'guardian' - after she made Naru reconsider her departure in episode 24 and Keitarou trust in Naru again during the Christmas Special she will do everything to make Naru be honest, as now all the Hinata girls are sure that Naru and Keitarou belong together.
And Motoko has matured a lot, as we see her handling the situation with Shirai and Haitani. She will be a main supporter of our couple, and not only because Kanako was especially ugly to her in public: She wouldn't tell anyone (she even does that in the Manga!) but she actually has feelings for Keitarou now, after episodes 25 and 26.

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