Ranma ½ - 41: Ranma Gains Yet Another Suitor

Title:Ranma ½
Episode:41: Ranma Gains Yet Another Suitor
Ukyo arives at Furinkan High after years of bitternes. She (who everyone believes is a he) is looking for her childhood pal and fiance, Ranma Saotome. It seems Genma and Ukyo's father aranged a mariage between the two, but Genma took the dowry and left. Ukyo comes to settle the score, but after a match between herself and Ranma, all is put right and Ranma gains yet another suitor.
Original Airdate: 04/20/90

Opening Theme(41-64): Omoide ga Ippai

Ending Theme(41-64): Lambada Ranma

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