Bastard!! Ankoku no Hakai Kami - 6: The Return of Dark Schneider

Title:Bastard!! Ankoku no Hakai Kami
Episode:6: The Return of Dark Schneider
Three of the four seals binding Ansla-Sax, God of Destruction, are in the hands of the Lords of Havoc, and they have come to Meta-Rikana for the remaining one. They believe Dark Schneider is dead, having sacrificed himself for his daughter Arshes Nei. But we all know something as trivial as death won't keep a good Bastard down!
The new friends and allies that Schneider has made over the course of the series rally to his side in this climactic battle. And what a battle it is--at one point I found myself exclaiming "this is so crazy!". It didn't fall into the trap of becoming an "irresistible forces versus immovable objects" (i.e., boring) battle, in part because the makers of this show were not afraid to have the heroes do absurdly impossible things! The villain Abigail shouted at Schneider "You're so conceited it's almost funny!". Actually, it really was quite funny--the charachters seem to be aware that they're actually hamming it up on a TV screen. I noticed that one of the Havoc Lords, Kall-Su, was still at large at the end--an opening for a sequel, perhaps? All-in-all, a neat story!

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