Bastard!! Ankoku no Hakai Kami - 3: Ninja Master Gara

Title:Bastard!! Ankoku no Hakai Kami
Episode:3: Ninja Master Gara
Having beaten the fire elemental, Efreet, at it's own game, Dark Schneider procedes to confront Gara himself deep within Gara's castle. As they square off, flashbacks tell the story of their first encounter 15 years ago.
Stretch 5/31/04:
Again, not a bad fantasy/adventure story, but I have yet to see the outlandish humor I was hoping for. At one point, Gara suffers a severe injury, which I'd heard would actually be played for laughs, but from that point on it seemed to me that the writers just forgot about it. Have I mentioned that the background artwork is sometimes outstanding in this show? I noticed skillful airbrushing. Also, the expression on Schneider's face as he became totally enraged was awesome! The episode ended in a somewhat surprising way.

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