Tenchi Muyou! - 3: No Need For Worries!

Title:Tenchi Muyou!
Episode:3: No Need For Worries!
Princess Sasami arrives in her own ship to pick up her sister, Ayeka. Ryoko pretends to be pregnant and implies that Tenchi is the father. In fact, she produces a black "egg" which hatches as Ryo-Ohki. With Ryo-Ohki transformed into a spaceship, Ryoko offers to escort Sasami and Ayeka part of the way home, but as she does Ryo-Ohki's insatiable hunger causes an accident...
To be honest, I didn't notice a single major laugh-worthy joke in this episode. It had me smiling, but not actually laughing. Whereas the OVAs were often enjoyably risque, Ryoko's claim to be pregnant was just...awkward. How can anybody watch 13 hours of this stuff after seeing even the first six OVAs? I suspect I'll be rating the series as a whole as a "watch" if the quality remains like this.

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