Tenchi Muyou! - 25: No Need For A Showdown

Title:Tenchi Muyou!
Episode:25: No Need For A Showdown
Tenchi, Azaka and Kamidake charge into the Juraiian Royal Palace to rescue Ayeka and dethrone the pretender Kagato.
I was surprised to see the climactic duel between Tenchi and Kagato go so quickly, since I had assumed it would be part of the final episode. It reminded me of the duel between the same characters in the OVAs (partly because in both cases, I couldn't tell exactly why it ended the way it did!). Another surprise was the way Azaka and Kamidake's fights with evil bodyguards got fairly grisly--not gratuitous violence, certainly, but still probably the first time such violence has been depicted in this series. My favorite part of the episode was the scene where Washu sabotages the Juraiian space fleet's computer network. All-in-all, not exactly a masterpiece, but still far more interesting than the bulk of the episodes of Tenchi Universe.

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