Tenchi Muyou! - 23: No Need For Karma

Title:Tenchi Muyou!
Episode:23: No Need For Karma
The revived heroes Azaka and Kamidake pledge their loyalty to Yosho (Grandpa), who proceeds to explain who the pretender to the Juraiian throne really is--Kagato.
Stretch 7/9/04:
I had no idea the charachter of Kagato, the chief villain of the OVAs, would also be included in this series. He still seems to have some of his evil charisma, perhaps because although I'm still watching a dubbed version, at least it's no longer the Americanized Toonami edition. Another difference I noticed is the cute station breaks, which had been deleted from the tapes I had watched up 'til now. Somehow the concept of "Jurai Power" reminds me of "The Force" from Star Wars.

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