Tenchi Muyou! - 2: No Need For Princesses!

Title:Tenchi Muyou!
Episode:2: No Need For Princesses!
Princess Ayeka's ship diverts to Earth after picking up a distress call from Galaxy Policewoman Mihoshi. Upon arrival, Ayeka is shocked to find her lifelong enemy Ryoko is also there. Each of them relates to Tenchi a wildly differing account of their first meeting as children. Their mutual hostility builds until they decide to board their ships and fight it out in space.
I notice some scenes in this series which seem to have been copied from the OVAs, but then stripped of any sophisticated meaning. For instance, Tenchi and Ayeka go for a walk and come upon a giant tree growing in the middle of a small pond. I almost expected her to recognize it as part of Yosho's ship, but here she just trips and falls into Tenchi's arms, which seems to be all it takes to make her fall in love with him. And why is she referring to him as "Lord Tenchi"?

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