Tenchi Muyou! - 12: Time and Space Adventures (part 2)

Title:Tenchi Muyou!
Episode:12: Time and Space Adventures (part 2)
More amusing episodes in parallel universes, brought about by the careless misuse of Washu's Dimensional Cause and Effect Controller. In particular, former police detective Kiyone finds an idyllic life in a small seaside town until a demon from her past (guess who) walks in. Also, High School juvenile delinquent Ryoko clashes with upstanding student Ayeka until a certain superheroine shows up.
Stretch 6/22/04:
The makers of the series allow themselves to have some fun mixing and matching charachters in new roles (and borrowing one from another related series). Not bad at all. Again, I doubt if it was "tea" the cast was drinking at the seashore restaraunt.

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