Tenchi Muyou! - 11: Time and Space Adventures (part 1)

Title:Tenchi Muyou!
Episode:11: Time and Space Adventures (part 1)
Washu has created her "best invention of the past 700 years", the Dimensional Cause and Effect Controller--or, to put it in terms which the others can understand, a device which "changes the world to suit your needs". Ryoko and Ayeka see it as a way of making their wishes regarding Tenchi come true, and tamper with the device even though Washu insists it isn't finished.
Probably the best episode yet in the series! Not a masterpiece, but for once Tenchi Universe takes a completely original and completely different course from the OVAs which it is based on, (though this one does kind of remind me of the Mihoshi Special) and the effect is genuinely amusing. I especially liked the charicatures of Ryoko, or, as she's now known, "The Demon of Rashomon".

My favorite line: "Here's the demon, right here! Come on!" --Ryoko

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