Irresponsible Captain Tylor OAV's - 2: Azalyn: The Rules of Being 16

Title:Irresponsible Captain Tylor OAV's
Episode:2: Azalyn: The Rules of Being 16
Against the advice of her cabinet, Azalyn decides to go back to Ashran (a place overflowing with comfortable childhood memories) for some well-deserved time off. This world had rebelled against the Empire some time ago, but this was successfully put down by her Father and the military. It therefore comes as a considerable surprise to her that her childhood friend Ruu (a member of the ruling family) has survived the bloody rebellion. Hardly untouched by the ordeal, he is no longer the same person Azalyn made a promise to so many years before... and her feelings for him could plunge the empire into civil war!
Stretch 11/04:
Regretably, I found this to be a simplistic, not particularly moving morality tale without any seriously interesting twists. At times, it was barely able to maintain my attention. Perhaps the greatest difference between this OVA episode and the TV series is that there was virtually no comedy at all, except for some amateurish sight gags best suited to children's cartoons. The use of crude sound effects, like "boing" after Azalyn falls flat on her face, was grating--and again, completely unlike the TV series.

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