Hand Maid May - 2: Am I Any Use At All?

Title:Hand Maid May
Episode:2: Am I Any Use At All?
Kazuya goes off to school, instructing May to remain inside his apartment. Nanbara makes a phone call to the place, and is startled to hear a woman's voice at the other end of the line. He assumes Kazuya has a secret girlfriend, and hurries over to sabotage the relationship any way he can. Also on the way to Kazuya's place is Cyberdoll Sara, who intends to collect the bill for 1,450,000 Yen.
Is May of any use as a maid? Well, whose idea was it that maybe there would be a market for 12" tall maids anyway? I guess maybe they could keep your desktop in order. Seriously, a moderately amusing and kind of cute episode. My favorite part was when a little daydream of May's comes true.

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