Inuyasha - 3: Hono Kui no Ido kara Tadaima--!

Episode:3: Hono Kui no Ido kara Tadaima--!
(I'm Back From the Bone-Eater's Well)

Kagome and Inuyasha have their first (of many) fights where Kagome decides she's going to return to her own time. Meanwhile, the humaniod youkai Yura has arrived on scene. She has a large collection of hair from the heads of those she's slain. Then, she's able to control those dead bodies. Only those with miko powers can see her single-strands of hair. Yura comes across Kagome and steals her Shikon shard. She's amazed that Kagome can see her hair strands. Apparently, those with miko powers are able to do so. Kagome falls into the well and thus into her own time.

Meanwhile, Inuyasha is attacked by those controled by Yura. Giant, thick amounts of hair attack Inuyasha and he manages to survive and escape. Yura finds a strand of Inuyasha's hair and decides she must have his hair added to her collection. Kaede tells Inuyasha the he needs to get Kagome back from her time since she can see the hair (Kaede has been seriously injured and thus can't help).
(AstroNerdBoy comments 03.07.2003)

While none of the previous episodes actually "ended", this one starts what will be an ongoing trend in the Inuyasha series. There was more story than could be contained in this single episode, so we'll carry it over to episode 4.

I felt that Kagome's reactions to the world of 500 years in her past is very natural. She's very immature at this point in addition to being a fish out of water. Yura was the first of many interesting villians to be seen in the series.

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