Inuyasha - 132: Houshi Miroku's Most Dangerous Proposal

Episode:132: Houshi Miroku's Most Dangerous Proposal
Continuing where 131 left off, Inuyasha and company have to fight off the village of Oni women without harming them since they are being controled. Meanwhile, Miroku discovers the controling power -- a formerly sealed ayakashi (~youkai) who was released by Naraku's jyaki. Upon the beasts defeat, Miroku must free Sango from the control of the ayakashi egg in her belly. Then Miroku does something even more difficult -- propose to Sango!
(AstroNerdBoy -- 30 December 2003)

While this retains some of the normal shounen posturing we've seen, this episode has a really nice ending in which the Sango-Miroku relationship is handled very nicely. Miroku does propose, but with a condition of being with Sango AFTER the defeat of Naraku. However, in the meantime, he does not promise to not lust after other women they may meet along the way. But they do have an understanding and should the series end, I expect to see Miroku and Sango get married.

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