Shingeki no Kyojin - 20: Elwin Smith / 57th Sortie Beyond the Walls (4)

Title:Shingeki no Kyojin
Episode:20: Elwin Smith / 57th Sortie Beyond the Walls (4)
Ok, (spoiler)the Titans may have a spy within the Recon Corps? I don't see how anybody reached that conclusion. Yes, they are gradually getting smarter, but not that smart. Just the fact that they are slowly gaining limited intelligence is inexplicable enough, much less some sort of human-level intelligence working for them somewhere. I guess the idea is that the female Titan had somebody in her neck, based on Eren's experiences, and this person is not really a human at all but rather an intelligent Titan infiltrator (since no human has anything to gain by betraying the rest). But we know that Eren started out as an ordinary human, don't we? Either there will be a wham-bang shocking explanation for this which will come along sooner or later, or the plot has overstepped itself and doesn't really care whether it makes sense anymore. Given that there has yet to be any explanation for the Titan's bizarre abilities to do stuff like regenerate and appear out of thin air, I've got a nagging feeling that the writer is relying on sheer 'coolness' and has cast the plausibility factor to the wind. But this show is so cool that it can even do that without losing much popularity!

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