Amagami SS Short Animations - 5: Sakurai Rihoko arc: Nail Clipper

Title:Amagami SS Short Animations
Episode:5: Sakurai Rihoko arc: Nail Clipper
Rihoko has become Tea Club president and recruited her first new club member; Jun'ichi teases her about having gained weight once again. Jun'ichi drops an item that turns out to be his new high-tech nail clipper made with the latest materials from NASA research. Showing off with this grand item, Jun'ichi offers to clip Rihoko's nails - and Rihoko begins to take her socks off...
[2012-04-12, Devil Doll:]
Despite being such a trivial scene, this clip was surprisingly funny and at the same time showing very well how close Jun'ichi and Rihoko have become at this stage. This scene takes place after the ending of the first season though.

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