Amagami SS Short Animations - 1: Morishima Haruka arc: Lovers' Parfait

Title:Amagami SS Short Animations
Episode:1: Morishima Haruka arc: Lovers' Parfait
After school, Junichi and the school queen Haruka visit a family restaurant together which Jun'ichi considers a great achievement for himself; still, he's worried what his childhood friend Kaoru might think as she's working part-time as waitress in this very restaurant. After Jun'ichi confirmed he's okay with sweet food, Haruka orders the Shining Lovers Parfait which she want to eat together with the boy. But the waitress who delivers this parfait is Kaoru! In order to save Jun'ichi from the embarrassment, Haruka decides she will hide under the table until Kaoru is gone.
[2012-04-11, Devil Doll:]
One of the childish ideas that are so typical for Haruka-senpai, and as such not really my liking: Instead of saving Jun'ichi from embarrassment she caused him to say something even more embarrassing.

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