Shamanic Princess - 6: The Festival of Wind / The Wrath of Kagetsu

Title:Shamanic Princess
Episode:6: The Festival of Wind / The Wrath of Kagetsu
Early in the episode there is a reference to Sarah's soul being "Blessed by the Throne of Yord" (part of becoming a "neutralizer", perhaps?). Graham and Tiara defeat a bizarre, starfish-like creature, but Tiara is pissed at Graham for intervening in the fight at a moment when she had ordered him to stand back. Later, during the Festival of the Wind, Kagetsu (a neutralizer himself) steals a painting from which he can hear Sarah's voice--he says she is "imprisoned" within it. Graham tries to stop him and they fight it out. Lena and Leon go to a city that looks like Paris (Arc de Triomphe). Tiara, meanwhile, teams up with her new partner, Japolo.
This episode and number five were apparently added as an afterthought to help the viewer make some sense of the main plotline of the series. Still, this remains one fairly confusing series. It looks like Sara was sacrificed in some manner, and Kagetsu wants to undo the sacrifice. Was the painting in fact the so-called "Throne of Yord"? Why did Graham try to interfere, completely on his own? Is he jealous of the feelings he senses between Kagetsu and Tiara? What's the significance of being a "neutralizer"? I have already watched episode one twice, before I gave up trying to understand the plot without first watching these two prequel episodes. Now I'll go watch episode one yet again and hopefully have more of an idea of what's going on.

Years later, I started re-watching with episode five and things are making a good deal more sense.

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