Shamanic Princess - 4: Morning of Prayer

Title:Shamanic Princess
Episode:4: Morning of Prayer
After Tiara defeats a Sara-lookalike, the imposter identifies itself as none other than the Throne of Yord, and calls upon Tiara to submit to it's will. She demands to know where the real Sara is, to which the Throne replies "...real and false. Are there only two choices in reality?". It starts playing with Tiara's mind, (and acting increasingly bitchy), causing Tiara to summon her magical powers. The Throne takes on an identical appearance to Tiara--and they fight...
A neat ending, though as always I would be hard pressed to explain exactly how and why things turned out the way they did. Still, I think this conclusion made more sense than most to magical/sorcery series--which is kind of ironic, considering how hard it was to follow the story early on.
(I describe this as the "ending" because episodes 5 and 6 are prequels)

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