Shamanic Princess - 2: Forest

Title:Shamanic Princess
Episode:2: Forest
Tiara, in what seems to be her "shadow" form, and a similarly transformed Leon are fighting when Kagetsu suddenly appears and "neutralizes" their powers. He says he'll return the Throne in 2 or 3 days, once he's finished with it. Later, Lena uses her powers to briefly release Sarah from imprisonment within the Throne. She also realises that she is in love with Kagetsu. Tiara has yet another dream in which she sees Sarah, who says they may never see each other again because the Throne "likes" her. She begs Tiara to help Kagetsu instead of opposing him. When Tiara tells Japolo about the dream, Japolo suggests Sarah may be the "chosen neutralizer" who will complete her task ("die" is one way to look at it) within the Throne. This is what Kagetsu is trying to prevent, but Japolo doubts that he will succeed. Later Japolo leads Tiara to the unattended Throne (which looks like an ordinary painting), and she is startled to realize that it shows the setting in which her dreams have been taking place. Tiara wants to talk to Sarah, but is sucked into the Throne. Now things get weird...
Some hints about what a "neutralizer" can and cannot do:
1. Kagetsu uses his skill as a neutralizer to strip Tiara and Leon of their magical powers;
2. It's mentioned that neutralizers "maintain" the Throne;
3. Kagetsu's neutralizing powers don't do him any good when it comes to releasing Sarah from the Throne.
(based on the later episodes, perhaps what a neutralizer does is cancel out magic--in a sense, be a counter-magician)

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