Shamanic Princess - 1: The Throne of Yord

Title:Shamanic Princess
Episode:1: The Throne of Yord
Tiara and Japolo arrive in a town in this world, where they are certain that Kagetsu and the stolen Throne of Yord is located. Tiara is surprised to encounter fellow Princess Lena, even more so when she learns that Lena (and her partner, Leon) has sided with Kagetsu, supposedly for the sake of his sister, Sarah. Lena asks Tiara to return to the Guardian World, promising to somehow recover the Throne by herself. But Tiara, who has vowed to kill Kagetsu if need be, refuses--and they fight it out.
This episode makes a hell of a lot more sense now that I have watched the "prequel" episodes (5 & 6)--and read a number of review synopses! For one thing, I wouldn't have known that Sarah is "imprisoned" within the Throne. Though the prequels didn't clearly explain everything, the characters' motivations make far more sense now. In the final fight scene, did Tiara employ her "shadow" self, as in episode 5?

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