Aa! Megami-sama OVA 2011 - 2: Hunters & Hunters

Title:Aa! Megami-sama OVA 2011
Episode:2: Hunters & Hunters
Eir and Saga, two arrogant young twins from the Seizu Girls Academy of elite goddesses and job applicants at the Goddess Help Service, appear out of nowhere at Keiichi's house to challenge the "former champion" Belldandy at "shell gathering". After some thought, Belldandy accepts, and Keiichi offers to be her team partner. But what the boy believed to be a game for children turns out to be the annual debugging session of heaven's computer Yggdrasil where bugs are turned into monsters, and this time the rumored "Illusionary King of Low-Tides" is said to appear again, once in 2000 years...
[2011-10-02, Devil Doll: 82% = maximum "Rent+"]
Despite starting slow with those unnerving twins, and then even turning into a beach episode with very small bikinis, this episode shines on two levels: Belldandy and Keiichi provide excellent team work and the ending is both convincing and genuinely funny. Peorth's and Lind's appearance was a nice add-on.

This is one of the best stand-alone episodes and much better than I was hoping for, without any embarrassing scenes and instead focusing on the true reason for the bond between Keiichi and Belldandy. Both leads are acting strong this time, with Keiichi providing an intelligent solution making use of the available (yet surprising) facts in the nick of time, and Belldandy showing the canon reaction to a certain ingredient. And even the twins do have a purpose beyond being unnerving.

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