Ranma ½ OVA - 7: Reawakening Memories, Part One

Title:Ranma ½ OVA
Episode:7: Reawakening Memories, Part One
"Yomigaeru Kioku" is a two-part special OAV with the first part released in 1994 and the second released in 1995. The story was originally serialized in vol. 25 and 26 and was voted in Japan as the storyline fans wanted to see animated the most. "Reawakening Memories" deals with Akane suddenly remembering a trip to Ryugenzawa when she was a small child. While there she was saved from a giant platypus by Shinnosuke. Akane travels back to Ryogenzawa and once again meets Shinnosuke, who falls in love with her. Akane blames herself for Shinnosuke's life-threatening injuries, and decides to stay and help out. Once Ranma finds out, he becomes distraught at the possibility of losing Akane (which appears to be a possibility). Ryoga arrives to help save Akane from the Eight-Headed Orochi and is just as surprised to see Akane might have a new beau.

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