Ranma ½ OVA - 5: The One to Carry On, Part One

Title:Ranma ½ OVA
Episode:5: The One to Carry On, Part One
"Michi wo Tsugu Mono" is a two part OVA released in 1994. The Nerima district has been suffering from food thefts. Once it's revealed that Natsume and Karumi have been stealing the food because they're starving, the Tendo's take them in. It comes as a shock that Natsume and Karumi begin to say that they are searching for their father, Soun Tendo. Soun becomes quite upset when Natsume and Karumi defeat Akane and Ranma for ownership of the dojo, and then after a few harsh comments from Ranma, Akane runs away. Akane refuses to give up and begins to train with Ryoga, a fact that Ranma isn't too thrilled about.

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